Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A barefoot walk along a sandy beach.
A quiet visit to the place where you were raised.
Listening to a rippling brook running over the rocks through a forest of autumn leaves.
Singing the song of your alma mater.
Looking over childhood photos in a the family album.
Watching your now-grown child leave home.
Standing silently beside the grave of a close personal friend or relative.
The smell and sounds of a warm fire.
 - Charles R Swindoll
From Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life

When Dara comes to visit one of her favorite things she likes to do is walk barefoot in the sand at the beach.  I really enjoy it too.  It is pretty fun to have sister time talking about life while walking along the beach.  I also enjoy the sound of the waves late at night and the smell of the ocean air.  There have been times where Victor and I have sat on a bench and listened.

When we lived in Indiana one of my favorite sounds was the rustling of the leaves from the large black walunt tree (which no longer exists) and the babbling of the creek during Spring and Summer.  I would leave my window open to hear both and often fell asleep to the steady sounds of both.  To this day I still fall asleep to subtle white noise.  Some evenings a red squirrel would come to visit at my window; chattering and nibbling.  We would sit there observing each other.  Those memories come back each time I hear the leaves rustling in my back yard today.

Just the other day we were in Lompoc and I left flowers on Grandma Mead's grave stone.  When I stood there flashes of memories, conversations and quiet moments with her ran through my mind.  It has been many years and I still can see her face and hear her voice.

Memories of peaceful moments can often bring us moments of peace today as we reflect on them.  The memories fade but the feelings and emotions stay forever.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing beats sister walks at the beach... :)

I guess I find a lot of peace near the sea. Memories of warm, happy summers...