Monday, October 25, 2010


The best day, today;
The greatest puzzle, life;
The greatest thought, God;
The greatest mystery, death;
The best work, work you like;
The most ridiculous asset, pride;
The greatest need, common sense;
The most expensive indulgence, hate;
The most disagreeable person, the complainer;
The best teacher, the one who make you want to learn;
The greatest deceiver, the one who deceives himself;
The worst bankruptcy, the soul who has lost enthusiasm;
The cheapest, easiest, and most stupid thing to do, finding fault;
The greatest comfort, the knowledge that you have done your work well;
The most agreeable companion, the one who would not have you any different than you are;
The meanest feeling, being envious of another's success;
The greatest thing in the world, love -- for family, home friends, neighbors.
- Author Unknown

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Anonymous said...

That's a happy little hill of a poem. :)