Friday, May 21, 2010


"These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so."

- The Acts 17:11

What does "readiness of mind" mean?  In simple terms it means to be willing.

From dad's Comprehensive Commentary of the Acts of the Apostles he wrote the following about this particular passage of scripture:

"The generosity of the people of Berea lay in their willingness to invest time and effort into satisfying themselves as to whether Paul and Silas were telling the truth about Jesus as the Christ and the redemption of men from the pains of death and hell.  They studied the words of the prophets cited by Paul and his companions so that they might perceive those truths in context.  They were open without prejudice.  The honest in heart always seek understanding, attempting to comprehend the will of God in their lives.  It is for them "The kingdom of God or nothing".

As I re-read the scripture passage and the commentary; it occurred to me that a readiness of mind is the acceptance of the will of God in our lives after we have come to an understanding of His will. 

As individuals do we know and understand the will of God in our own lives?  Have we sought the Lord and conversed with him to know whether our minds are unified with His will?

To know and understand the will of God we must first humble ourselves.

Humility is willingness to submit to the will of the Lord and to give the Lord the honor for what is accomplished.  It includes gratitude for His blessings and acknowledgment of our constant need for His divine help.  Humility is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of spiritual strength.  When we humbly trust Him and acknowledge His power and mercy, we can have the assurance that His commandments are for our good.  We are confident that we can do whatever the Lord requires of us if we rely on Him.  We are also willing to trust His chosen servants and follow their counsel.  Humility will help us as westrive to be obedient, to work hard, and serve selflessly.

Humility is one of the Christlike attributes we should be striving to develop in our own lives.  When I reflect on this attribute as displayed by Jesus Christ I invision him in Gethsemane pleading with the Father and then ultimately giving himself to the will of the Father. 

Do we have the strength to submit to the will of Heavenly Father; even when the trials in this life seem to be unbearable?  Are we ready to submit to His will?  Have we sufficiently prepared ourselves spiritually and emotionally to accept the will of God?  Do we have a ready mind?

Scripture study; prayer and the teachings of the prophets help to know and understand the will of God.  If we seek for truth as the "noble" in Berea we will be ready to embrace the will of Him who sent us here.

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