Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have had some pretty amazing conversations over the years regarding the amazing healing power of the atonement.

On a couple of occassions I have been asked to bear my testimony of the atonement by the Stake President.  My understanding of the atonement is vastly different from the first time I shared by testimony to the last time.

I have on occasion been able to share my testimony with the Bishop, close friends, my husband and a few of my siblings.

Most of us understand the basics of the atonement.  Christ suffered for our sins in the Garden of Gesthesmane; ultimately paying the price for our individual transgressions.  The atoning sacrifice only works if we repent and believing in Christ we accept his sacrifice as a blessing and a miracle in our lives.  I often reflect on scriptures "though your sins be as scarlet..." and "my soul hungered" and others like them that describe the depth of sin and its contrast to righteous living  "white as snow"  and "filled with light"...

We then think of others who are seeking forgiveness and we watch them as they mark their path with the steps of repentance.  We have hope for them and we have faith that Christ's sacrifice will be a blessing in their lives.

The most amazing blessing of the atonement is the blessing of being healed.  The atonement wasn't just a price to be paid for sin; it was the culmination of all pain and suffering from loss; despair; betrayal and the sadness we often feel from day to day living.  Christ understands the depth of pain and suffering we go through in this life because he has felt it and experienced it.  Who better to save us from our pain and suffering than that of the Savior.

I have learned to lean on Jesus Christ; knowing that he is the Savior of my soul.  I do not need to hold onto pain and suffering or feelings of betrayal when it can so easily be replaced with peace and love.

The miracle of the atonement is complete healing.  We can be forgiven of our sins and weaknesses.  We can help others with the repentance process; and to be forgiven by letting them know we forgive them. 

We can fill our soul with the light of Christ - never experiencing the hunger described by Enos.  Christ's atoning sacrifice is the Mercy that we all want when the Eternal Laws require Justice.

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:D (Sorry, I don't have more to comment than a smiley face...I am freaking tired...)

P.S. Actually, I was just inspired. In my studies recently I have seen the theme of God or Jesus being with their people, and telling them this is so to comfort them. The love they have for us is so wonderful!