Monday, July 19, 2010


Saturday evening I was having a discussion with Alex and shared with him some spiritual truths that are found in the scriptures.  I invited him to seek those truths for himself by searching the scriptures.

I also made a declaration:  "Those who know Christ and those who have seen Christ testify of Christ."

I have known this truth for many years.  I often reflect upon the words spoken by Bruce R McConkie and know that he knows Jesus Christ personally and has seen his face.  Every Prophet and General Authority of the Church has testified of Christ.  That says something.

As the Young Women's President one of my responsibilities was to help the young women gain a testimony of their Savior.  How could I do that if I did not possess a testimony myself?  I had to evaluate my testimony.  Did I know that Jesus was the Savior?  Did I know of his divinity?  Those were things I knew.  I realized I needed to know him better.

When I was 17 I received my patriarchal blessing and in it I was counselled to teach my children to love as the Savoir loved.  I understood Christ's unconditional love for others and I understood his capacity to forgive and his amazing gift to teach and instruct.

Recently, I have begun to understand the magnitude of Christ's love for all of Heavenly Father's children.  To love others in spite of their weaknesses.  To learn to forgive completely and to accept others as they are.  I have understood how to teach and to not withhold knowledge or understanding from those who seek.

The prophets and general authorities have often taught about Christ's unconditional love and the blessing of his forgiving heart.  They could not know if they had not felt his love and had experienced the miracle of His atoning sacrifice.  Christ's love each of us is infinite. 

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Anonymous said...

And I would go further to say that those who truly know Christ become like Christ. :D