Monday, July 12, 2010


I have served off and on the Primary over the past 20+ years.  I have most often been the primary pianist.  On other occassions a primary work teaching the older girls.

My current callings in the Primary are the Primary Pianist and the Activity Day Leader.

When I first started playing the piano for Primary I was 18 years old.  I was not that good, yet I seemed to be a magnet - drawing the small children to the piano bench as I played.  I always thought the kids were really cute and that they just enjoyed watching someone play.

As the years have passed I noticed that there were other pianist in Primary, but they did not have the same draw.  I thought it was odd.

I have been serving in the Primary now as the Primary Pianist for the last year and a half.  I am still a magnet and the children enjoy coming around the piano before primary starts to sing along; or to watch; or just to chat with me while I play.  I have my own thoughts regarding this phenomenon that occurs each Sunday (I have chosen to keep those thoughts to myself) :)

Yesterday right before the third hour one of the classes arrived for singing and sharing time a little early.  Sister Beck has a group of about 5 kids on a regular basis.  A group of kindergartners :)

One by one each one of the children in her class walked up to me and expressed their gratitude for being the Primary Pianist.  I was taken aback at first and then as each one said thank you I gave them each a big hug and shared a sweet comment.

Sometimes the best expressions of gratitude come the most humble of individuals.  Their sincere words and loving expressions bring great peace to a trouble soul.  I am grateful for the blessing and opportunities I have to serve in the church.  And I am especially grateful for the opportunity to serve Heavenly Father's precious little angels.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it's not just at the piano bench. Little kids just love you! I think you intuitively connect with them. Most adults have forgotten how to do that. Or maybe you do because you are so short....ya can look into their eyes...hee hee

I have been primary pianist, and yeah, I didn't have any little fans. I was just an appendage of the chorister and piano. :P