Sunday, January 24, 2010


As a mother, I often pray for my children and seek for guidance on what to say to each of them and how I should help them.

Since Vincent has moved in with us I have included him in my prayers.  After two weeks of Vincent living with us I have felt more motherly toward's him.  I know that sounds kind of funny, but I love him as much as my biological children.

Both Victor and I hope that his stay with us for the next year will help him in many ways.  He is a bright, sweet young man with a lot of potential.  In our heart of hearts we hope that he will have a desire to serve a mission.

This morning my prayers included the plea for guidance.  I wanted to know what to say to Vincent; and have it touch his heart.  I try to speak to him, recognizing that he is an adult and that I respect him and his choices.  At the same time I try to let him know how much his father and I love him and that we want him to be happy and successful.  I know that Vincent will be blessed by choosing to serve a mission and magnifying his priesthood.

During sacrament meeting Vincent's friend, Kevin, gave a talk on the priesthood and serving a mission.  The words I so wanted to say to Vincent were expressed by a friend that Vincent respects.  The spirit was also strong during our meeting and I know that Vincent heard the words that were spoken and felt the spirit. 

Heavenly Father hears our prayers and answers them.  Many times, not in the way we thought.  I am grateful that we have a Heavenly Father who listens and understands our needs.  He touches the lives of others and prompts them to say or do things that we need to hear or to have done in our lives.

Remember that when we feel the promptings of the spirit and we act on those promptings we may be the answer to someone's prayers.  Tender Mercies are all around us.  Are with the tender mercy for someone else?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder. :) I love this blog!

Rebecca said...

Thanks! I wish I had more readers. :)