Monday, August 16, 2010


Aislyn has many new experiences this past summer with visiting family in Utah; going to Girl's Camp; and receiving her patriarchal blessing just two weeks before school starts.

Aislyn followed the counsel of the Patriarch and read the scriptures that he assigned and she fasted the whole day yesterday.  Her appointment was at 4 p.m.

We love Patriarch Lassen and his wife Debbie.  Debbie was the Stake Young Women's President when I was the Young Women's President for Oxnard 1st Ward.  We are always warmly welcomed into their home.

Yesterday was especially warm.  The spirit in their home is very strong.  Aislyn was spiritually prepared and it was evident with her demeanor and her responses to Patriarch Lassen's questions.

I am very blessed to have been present when she received her Patriarchal blessing and I am thankful for her faithfulness.  Her blessing will be a light for her to follow her entire life.  Her love for Heavenly Father and her faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation that will keep her strong in the Gospel.  We were all deeply touched by the counsel and love given to her in her blessing.

What an amazing experience.  I hope each of by brothers and sisters are able to sit in the room when each of their children receives their patriarchal blessing.  What an amazing insight we gain into the spirit and lives of our children.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting! What a wonderful thing for her, especially at the beginning of the school year. Well, I should say, especially for her life!