Monday, November 7, 2011


Fourteen years ago Victor and Devlyn were baptized as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  A year later Victor and I were sealed in the Saint George, UT temple.  We were also sealed to our children: Devlyn, Evan and Aislyn.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a  fertile seed and will continue to grow eventually into a mature Olive Tree.  The fruits of that tree are the precious souls that are saved through the sharing of the Gospel. 

That tiny seed that was planted 14 years ago has continued to grow.  All of our children have been baptized, except one, as members of the church.  The branches have grown out and blessed the lives of Victor's family.  Sandy, Victor's older sister, joined the church over a year ago along with her son, Nico and her daughter, Raquel.

Nico has been a worthy and faithful priesthood holder who loves to attend church.  He has been a great example for his older brother, Rogelio.

The blessings of the Gospel continue to pour out on our family.  Evan was ordained a Priest at church yesterday.  Yesterday evening, Evan was given the opportunity to exercise his priesthood by baptizing his cousin, Rogelio.  Next Sunday, Evan and Victor will exercise their priesthood by blessing the sacrament together.

Rogelio, will soon be ordained and hold an office in the priesthood.  An added blessing to his family when they move to Lancaster this weekend. 

I have seen the hand of God working on Victor's family and have seen it present in the lives of his extended family living in Santa Maria and Lompoc.  There are cousins in his family who have family members who are also members of the church.  I know these little seeds will continue to grow and that Victor's family will be an orchard of strong Olive Trees. 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ can not be forced upon others.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is patient and kind.  It is tolerant and forgiving.  As we continue to live as Christ, we are the examples that are necessary to touch the hearts and minds of our family members who are not yet members of His true church.

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