Wednesday, June 9, 2010


"Choose you this day whom ye will serve;... but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15)."

I remember, while living with mom and dad, that mom would recite this scripture.  As I had heard it several times growing up I found myself thinking about what that really meant.  As a wife and a mother I have also recited this scripture to my family.  At one point I even typed it up and printed it in large font and posted it on mirrors throughout the house.  Unfortunately, there were members of the household who did not appreciate this statement of conviction.  They will remain nameless... :)

In today's world there are many who do not take respondibility for their own choices and actions; trying to blame others for their behavior or decisions.  As a member of the church we are taught that we are free to choose.  We are often confronted with the choice between good over evil.  When we choose poorly we are expected to accept the responsibility for that choice.

As a daughter of God I can make wise decisions and solves difficult problems.  The guidance; direction and answers are set before us when we establish a pattern of regular scripture study and prayer.  We will receive help in making personal decisions such as choosing good friend, being kind to others, getting up on time, or other decisions we make on a daily basis.

We are also faced with choices pertaining to righteous behavior.  We are taught at a very young age to live by certain standards.  As a mother, I have the responsibility to teach these standards to my children.  And not just by my words; but by my example.  There is so much out there for us to choose from.  The trick is to learn how to be selective.  I thought about the choices we have when it comes to our entertainment.  I can be more selective about television, music, books or other media. 

While I was the Young Women's President, the Bishop's daughter and been pondering about this particular area of her life.  She then came to the conclusion that the movies and music that were not acceptable by the Lord's standards needed to be removed from their home.  She discussed this with her family and as a result all offensive material was thrown away.  I have admired her strength; especially since she was so young.  How many of us have the courage to do the same?

I have also thought about moral character.  Can I improve in modesty, language and honesty?  Probably :)

One of God's greatest gifts given to His children is the gift of Agency.  We have the ability to choose for ourselves.  There are great blessings and responsibilities associated with agency.  There are also consequences that follow our choices and actions.

Thankfully, because some of our choices are poor, we have the great blessing of repentance.

I believe that another of God's greatest gifts to His children is the gift of the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost is there to help us make correct choices.  When we pray for and live worthy of his companionship we are blessed with his presence.

Our choices can help us to remain free and happy.  We should know what we will do each day with regard to modesty, dating, and the media to be morally clean and worthy to enter the temple.  Our temple covenants should not be sacrificed because we chose poorly.  Our worthiness to enter the temple should be our top priority and we should protect it and keep it sacred.

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking about my music choices today as we were driving up to Salt Lake. Perhaps, "All I wanna do is zumma zum zum zum and a boom boom! Just shake your rump!" isn't very approprite (but it is funny...). I have always noticed the kind of spirit that music brings into my home, and I think I have fallen by the wayside a little. Thanks for the reminder!