Wednesday, April 7, 2010


One of the gifts that Heavenly Father has given me is to know.  It has become such a normal part of my life I sometimes forget how powerful; amazing and miraculous personal revelation and promptings of the spirit can be.

I know that some struggle when it comes to seeking and receiving personal revelation.  I know that many don't recognize the promptings of the spirit; therefore they can not act on those promptings.  I also know that there are others like me who forget that the knowledge received is a gift from Heavenly Father to help us succeed in this life and to ultimately return to him.

During General Conference this past weekend I experienced something that I have tried to describe in a previous blog and I don't think I described it quite right... :)  Let's see if I can explain it better.

Over the course of my life I have learned the hard way that I can not do things on my own or even expect others to help me.  My strength is found in the Lord.  It has taken a long time to finally realize that my success and my talents and my strengths come from relying on the arm of God. 

I have learned that constant prayer; seeking Heavenly Father's guidance has led me to places and things that I would not have found on my own.  I have sought the scriptures for answers with a prayerful heart and have found answers that were exactly what I needed to hear (read). 

This month's Visiting Teaching Message found in the Ensign, Seeking and Receiving Personal Revelation, reminded me that the gift to know is personal revelation.  The General Conference talks also helped me to see that I truly was receiving personal revelation from Heavenly Father because those things which I have been prompted to do or to write about in my blogs or have been blessed to understand were discussed in the talks during conference.

In the Visiting Teaching Message it says:

"In its more familiar forms, revelation or inspiration comes by means of words or thoughts communicated to the mind (see Enos 1:10; D&C 8:2-3), by sudden enlightenment (see D&C 6:14-15), by positive or negative feelings about proposed courses of action, or even by inspiring performances, as in the performing arts.  As President Boyd K Packer,... President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, has stated, 'Inspiration comes more as a feeling than as a sound.'"

Personal Revelation is something that each of us should be seeking and we have the right as children of Heavenly Father to know His will.  We have to prepare ourselves to receive this revelation.  We have to want it and exercise our Faith to know that what we seek will be granted.

Personal Revelation is a Tender Mercy that I have been given from the Lord and I am grateful for it's powerful influence in my life; as well as in the lives of my husband and children.


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