Monday, April 5, 2010


As I watched and listened to General Conference this weekend I was filled to over flowing and was touched deeply by the inspired talks.  Since I have been posting on this new blog I have shared some of my thoughts and feelings pertaining to the Gospel and have reflected on the Tender Mercies of the Lord in my life.

The talks given brought peace to my soul and reassured me that I was doing those things that Heavenly Father wants me to be doing.  Each talk was an affirmation to me that I am on the right path.  I felt like Heavenly Father was directly speaking to me and telling me that I was doing a good job.  I also felt a renewed energy to continue pursuing those things that are righteous in my life and in the lives of my children.

I shared with Victor my feelings and thoughts about the talks given saying:  "I feel vindicated and I feel that I have been doing all that is required of me and that Heavenly Father is telling me this to bring peace to my soul."

Victor and I have been working together to help our children in the Gospel; giving them the tools they need to succeed and to survive in this world.  We have felt the promptings of the Spirit and have chosen to listen to those promptings and to act on them.

Elder Neil L Andersen was the second to last speaker in the last session of conference.  His words hit me with great power and I knew that he is an inspired servant of the Lord:  "We have felt and heard the mind and will of the Lord..."  I already knew that because I had listened to each talk and knew that Heavenly Father was directly speaking to his children through the leaders of this true church.

Elder Andersen also expressed ideas and concepts that each of should be considering and following in our day to day lives.  Shortly after his talk I grabbed a piece of paper and made my own list of things that I have already started working on and that were discussed during the two days of conference talks:

1.  Personal Progress - Aislyn and I have been working on this since January.  At least two talks addressed the Youth Programs of the church and the necessity of parents being involved.
2.  Duty to God - Victor has been working with Evan and Alex (as well as the rest of the young men in our ward).  Victor expressed great concern and a deep desire to make sure these boys earned their Duty to God almost a year ago to the Bishopric and the rest of the Young Men's Presidency and this has been the new focus in our Ward.
3. "Go back for the one..."  "Don't ever give up..."  Victor and I spent over a year instructing and teaching Alex and helping him to return to full activity in the church.  He is currently the Teacher Quorum President.  We are also working with Vincent and have seen a softness in his heart.
4.  Bare your testimony of Christ.  This is a tender area for me.  It is difficult to put my feelings out there for all to see.  In January and February I was working with the Activity Day girls and challenged them to bare their testimonies in March.  I promised them that if they each bore their testimonies I would join them in baring mine.  What a blessed experience.  I love the Savior and my testimony of him is a sure knowledge of who is and of his atoning sacrifice.    I know that my testimony has great power to heal those who are searching for truth.  After listening to the conference talks I can not refrain from baring my testimony.
5.  Pray with your family - morning prayers are the easiest.  The evening prayers are a little sketchy.  We do have prayer at dinner time.
6.  Have family home evening - Because our children are working on Personal Progress, Activity Day Goals and Duty to God our children have been preparing and giving the lessons.
7.  Speak more frequently of Christ.  My children are blessed to have parents who love the Lord and who love the Gospel.  Every day challenges have given us opportunity to share the gospel and to speak of Christ with our children.

I hope General Conference was a blessing to you and that you were filled to overflowing.

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Anonymous said...

I, too, enjoyed conference! I look forward to it every six months. And, this time around, I felt the need to ask for specific inspiration, and Heavenly Father always gives it. I love those, "this was just for me!" moments!