Thursday, February 25, 2010

JUNE 10, 2005

Even in my youth, I recognized the tender mercies of the Lord.  I always knew that Heavenly Father loved me and would bless me with those things that I desired.

I have never felt alone or abandoned by my Heavenly Father.  I have continually felt his love and the love of my Savior.  During my lowest and darkest moments I have felt his tender touch and his loving arms wrapped around me.

Music has been a blessing in my life and has always comforted me.  Both words and melody have healed an aching heart.  I have been moved to play and bless the lives of others.

When I attended the Young Adult Ward in Simi Valley, CA I was asked by Bishop Reynolds to select a musical number and play it at the Ward Conference.  I prayed about the piece I should play and I was prompted to play "O, Divine Redeemer."  I began practicing the music and discovered that there was a part that was quite difficult and I always made mistakes.  I contined to practice every day, failing to play teh piece perfectly.  The day came when I was to perform the musical number.  I was afraid.  I prayed earnestly to my Heavenly Father to help me.  I acknowleded to him that I could not play it without his help.

As I sat down at the piano I quickly said a little prayer.  I placed my hands on the keys, took a deep breath and studied the first line before I began.  The first notes sounded like angels to me.  I felt warmth and then a sensation like gloves slipping onto my hands.  I was calm and played the piano with peace in my heart.  There was no mistaking; the spirit of the Lord was there.  I felt it and so di the other members of the Ward.  I asked for his assistance and he granted it to me.

This morning, February 25th I was reading in 1 Nephi 4 and was reminded that we can do all things in the Lord.  We do not have to struggle to accomplish the things that are required of us.  All we have to do is have a desire to do those things that are required of us by the Lord and where we fall short ask for his assistance.  He loves us and wants us to be happy and successful.

I will go.  I will do.  The Lord giveth no commandments unto his children save he shall prepared a way for them to accomplish it.


Anonymous said...

Hey, didn't you write about that song before? I was having de ja vous...

I love the peace that music brings! I remember I was in an LDS choir at school years ago, and I was struggling with my testimony. Our theme that year for our show was "Seven Days to Glory," refering to the last seven days of Christ's life. One song was entitled, "Do you believe?" I had sung the song many times, but on one particular day as we sang the words, "Do you believe I am the Messiah?" I felt as if the question was being asked directly to me by the Savior. It was a powerful and sweet experience that restored my failing faith.
I too have felt Heavenly Father close in my life, and this was just another gift of love He gave me.

Rebecca said...

Yes. I did write about this before. However, this is a page from my Tender Mercies journal and I added additional insite from reading the scriptures this morning.

Hey! Does anyone else read this blog?

And, would you be able to make my new blog pretty and add it to my main one as one of the other thoughts?