Monday, November 8, 2010


Call a friend.
Drive to the supermarket and buy fresh flowers for your kitchen table.
Give someone a compliment.
Eat five bites of something rich and fattening and delicious.
Put on your favorite CD and dance.
Sit on the porch and drink tea from your most elegant china.
Do one thing you've been putting off for months.
Plant something.
Take a mini-vacation.
Rekindlle your dreams.
Simplify your life.
Protect your privacy.
Forgive someone who hurt you.
Guard your thoughts.
Take care of your body..
Tend to your soul.
Write in your journal.
Pray for your friends and family.

- Karen Scalf Linamen -
Condensed from Sometimes I Wake Up Grumpy... and Sometimes I Let Him Sleep

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Anonymous said...

I think that "Eat five bites of something rich and fattening and delicious," should appear several times in that list... :D